Bullying isn't something that just happens in movies and books. It's a real problem that many kids encounter on a daily basis, and it can become dangerous if it isn't stopped. Learn how to put a stop to bullying by taking immediate action, knowing where to go for help, and setting a good example for others. People hurt others because they usually don't care about others. Bullying is a serious problem not only in school, but also in the office, home, school, or even on the playground.  Bullying must be handled carefully, there are some steps that we can overcome bullying. First Taking Immediate Action. If a bully is teasing you in a way you don't like, insulting you, or physically threatening you. Tell the bully that you are not OK with the treatment you're receiving, and make it clear that it has to end immediately. Don't raise your voice when you're telling the bully to stop. This could provoke the bully to keep teasing you to get an even stronger reaction. Avoid escalating the situation. Teasing the bully by calling him or her names or threatening to fight is only going to make things worse. Don't yell or take steps toward physical violence.  Then, Know when to walk away, If the situation seems threatening or dangerous, it's best to disengage. Turn around and walk away from the bully. At a certain point, reasoning with him or her isn't going to make a difference. If you're worried for your safety, walk to a teacher or counselor you trust to help you handle the situation. Avoid further contact with the bully until you've taken other steps to end the bullying. Next, Don't respond to cyberbullying attacks. If you're being bullied by someone via text, social networks, your website, emails, or another online space, do not respond to the bully. Block the bully. If the person is known to you, block him or her from your social media pages and  erase him or her from your phone contacts. This is often enough to deter the bully from further action. If the person is anonymous, mark the email address as spam. Change your account settings to make it more difficult to find you online. Finally, We can Getting Outside Help. Don't wait too long. If the bullying has reached the point where it's causing you to feel anxious about going to school,  or interfering with your life in any other negative way, seek help from a trusted adult. Talk to a teacher, a coach, or a parent. It's their job to step up and help you deal with a bully, so tell them what you know. If the measures taken by the school and the bully's parents are not sufficient to correct the problem, you might want to consider getting a lawyer involved.
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